Friday, February 20, 2009

The purpose of this site is to display some of the custom work that I've done. Most of the items seen here are custom orders which I charge an extra $15.00 for. My standard work can be seen at the above link; it includes uppercase, block style lettering as part of the $60.00 price.

This was a custom image created for Marty Casey. The new lead singer for the group L.A. Guns.

This is the reverse side of Marty's pick which displays his web page

This is a very ornate custom piece that I created for a good friend. It has quite a bit of detail which takes a lot of time & concentration. This style is available for $120, it includes a name written in a delicate script typeface along with the many ornate flourishes that surround the name.

This pick has a custom image of Cyberman from the Dr. Who television series.

Customers often ask for a unique typeface style engraving to express a short sentiment. These unique typefaces are considered custom items because they require a custom template to be made before engraving.

This gentleman commissioned me to create a pick replicating his clover tattoo. All that was needed in order to engrave the custom image was a high quality, head on photo of his tattoo. I then created a custom template using the photo as a reference.

Referring to the previous item... the gentleman also wanted the date I completed the project engraved on the reverse side in the format of his choice.

This person commissioned me to engrave a graphic of the neurotransmitter dopamine on their guitar pick. Many of my customers enjoy wearing their picks as pendants.. This photo was taken just before I inserted a silver ring into the pick to be worn from a chain; a free service for any of my custom or standard items.

This customer commissioned me to duplicate their boyfriends guitar picks which he files down to a particular shape. She sent me one of his picks in the mail which enabled me to duplicate the shape. I also engraved a short phrase in a circular configuration as well as an electric guitar on the reverse side which is displayed in the photo below.

The reverse side of the afore mentioned item has a Les Paul electric guitar body engraved on it with a satin finish.

This is another custom typeface that the customer requested.

This pick displays the standard block style engraving that comes standard with any of the picks listed at

This item features more custom typeface work with a curved top line. This style can add a nice decorative touch.

This photo is of three pendants that a university professor commissioned me to make for a few of his students. The circular pendants are available upon request. The cost for the circular pendants is the same as the guitar picks depending on whether you order a standard or custom image to be engraved.

The above photo is another example of the block style engraving that comes with the purchase of a standard item. Customers can choose either a mirror finish or a brushed finish which is shown here.

This is one of the many styles of script engraving available as a custom order. I also have other unique typefaces available with custom orders.

The customer who purchased this item designed a unique graphic that I was able to engrave as a custom piece.

This pick displays a Musicman JPM guitar with the inverse stating a short sentiment and date.

This particular pick was created in pure 99.9% silver as displayed in the hallmark. Pure silver is of slightly more value than Sterling and can be requested at additional cost if desired. It is a bit softer due to the lack of alloy, but the picks I create are thick enough to resist bending.

The gentleman who ordered this pick selected the Bickley typeface which looks very nice with a brushed finish.

He requested that a small clover be placed under the wording on the back which was a very nice idea.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of my custom work. If you wish to contact me for custom work I can be reached at or through Etsy via the 'conversation' feature. If you're interested in traditional gold & silver handmade wedding bands; please visit my retail web site at

Thanks for stopping by!